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Arab Bank

Arab Bank

Arab Bank, established in Jerusalem in 1930, with a capital of 15,000 Palestinian pounds, and in 1948, the headquarters was moved to the Jordanian capital, Amman, and it was officially considered a public shareholding company and is considered a global bank, as it has branches in 5 continents, as it opened branches in Switzerland, Geneva, London, Singapore, Frankfurt, Australia, and New York, in addition to a number of branches in Jordan and Palestine, and the number of its branches reached more than 600 branches.

Most Asked Questions about Arab Bank Calculator

  • What types of services does the Arab Bank provide?

    Arab Bank provides services for new cars, used cars, building houses, home improvements, land purchases, and personal and ready apartments.
  • Can I know my monthly payments using the calculator?

    You can use the Arab Bank calculator to calculate your monthly payments.
  • Is using the calculator free?

    Yes, you can use the calculator for free.
  • Does your use of the calculator mean you provide the service?

    No, using the calculator does not mean submitting a request to benefit from the service.